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Referral Agency 

Tulsa OK — “Applicant is a single African American male aged 45. Before applying to your program he had not had an eye exam or eyeglasses in over 5 years. He also had not been employed over this time period as well. This gentleman had many obstacles to employment ranging from symptoms of his several mental illness and other various health concerns. The inability to see well due to lack of eyeglasses was also a major obstacle in him getting employment. After receiving a referral through you all he reported to me that he has landed a part time job and will be working again for the first time in over 5 years! He thanked me greatly for helping him obtain eyeglasses so I’m glad I can pass this story along to you all. Not only does he thank you, but I thank you personally for allowing our agency to be able to use your services for our clients!”

Dallas, TX – “I found the entire experience with Vision USA to be very positive. The website and registration process was user-friendly and easy to navigate. The response time affirming approval and the name of the referred physician was outstanding. The participant I referred for services stated to me that she was very pleased with the service provided by the doctor. I’d definitely recommend using the Vision USA services with future eligible participants in our AARP Foundation SCSEP program.”

Mother & Son
Wilmington, NC
 — “I don’t just have one story to share, but one version of the same story that keeps being repeated to me. One doctor in our area goes above and beyond for the clients that are referred to him.   For the population that is served by The Salvation Army, receiving an eye exam and glasses is a godsend and a blessing.  Many of the persons whom have been referred by The Salvation Army have been homeless sometimes for years, have no income, and are ecstatic to be able to get this service “absolutely free”!!!!!”

Houston, TX —”Recently I recommended VISION USA to a client who in her opinion was able to see during the daylight but her vision was completely impaired during the night.  This client was not able to see and therefore her ability to drive was suspended.  This client states there were times where she would drive to people’s home and either had to stay the night with various people or call family members for help to get back home.  She received a vision exam and glasses through this program.  My client was very thankful to have been able to participate in this program.  She began to cry and stated how grateful she was to have corrective lenses.  My client felt confident in her fashionable glasses.  Not only was her ability to drive restored but she is 6 month pregnant and wanted to be able to see her baby sons face when he is born.  I want to personally thank you for the work that you do with the poor in the community.  This program really makes a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Atlanta, GA — “You have helped so much and so many.  We are so grateful for all the ways you have helped our participants. Not only did you provide the gift of sight, but you gave them hope – that people care… we wish you blessings, peace and joy.”

Ardmore, OK — “Applicant is 62 female This patient is so excited and without “Vision USA” this patient would not have been able to have her eyes examined!  When asked if she could tell a big difference yet she stated “It was like I was blind, and now I can see!””

Canton,OH — “Your program, Vision USA has helped so many of our patients over the years. Most of our clients are the working low income with no Health Insurance and have not had an eye exam in years.  This program has helped them be able to get the exam that they are in such need of and then buy glasses at a cost that they can afford.  With them putting in some sort of payment on the cost of the glasses it helps them feel that they are contributing to their eye care at a price that they can afford.  I have received more Thank you’s and hugs than I can count!!  And some even love coming back to show me the glasses that they picked out! So a BIG Thank You to Vision USA for the Great Work That you are Doing!!”


Raleigh, NC — “Just taking a moment to say Thank You, VISION USA!  I received a beautiful and wonderful new pair of glasses today, that I would not have been able to get without your help! I have been out of work for two years (and still searching).  Without your help, I would have had to wait to gain employment before I saw an optometrist! Peace to all of your staff and thanks!”

Tulsa, OK  — “I can see and go to work. I can tell the difference between a Robin and Blue Jay today. It’s really wonderful.”

Raleigh, NC – “I just wanted to thank you so much for offering a plan of vision for people that need a helping hand. My vision had become a problem for me, my frames were 16 years old and my lenses nearly 10. You have helped several people at the place I am at now and they are all very satisfied. The eye care center I was sent to was top notch and very professional. It’s businesses like yours that make people feel wanted and respected even though things might be tough now in their lives and that is what everyone should pursue in life.  Thanks again, for helping me see a brighter future!”

Gainesville, FL – “Just wanted to thank you for being there. I had my eye exam and received new glasses.  My doctor was very nice and the staff was wonderful and friendly. I’m not used to being on the receiving end of assistance but they treated me just as any other client.  Thanks to each and every one who works with VISION USA.  Your organization made a difference in my life!”

Hickory, NC – “I am diabetic and know it’s very important to get a yearly eye exam.  But with my husband being forced into retirement, his exhibiting signs of dementia and my not being able to work so I can keep my eye on him I am not able to afford an eye exam let alone a pair of glasses.  Your program was such a blessing to me.  My doctor was very pleasant and knowledgeable as were the associates.  Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me with the eye exam and glasses.  I can’t tell you what a blessing you’ve been.”

North Dighton, MA – “Thank you for my free eye exam.  If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t realize I was only using my left eye! If I keep doing that my eye will get weaker and weaker.  I am so thankful… I see a lot more now.  Thank you for reading and thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God richly bless you all.”



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