Provider Testimonials

Thau_2Andrea P. Thau, O.D. (NY)

“I have been a VISION USA provider for my entire career. A patient came to my office for a comprehensive eye examination and asked if I remembered her.  I had to be honest… I did not.  She went on to tell me she was a VISION USA patient four years prior and that receiving that eye exam and glasses changed her life.  She was able to get a job and promised herself she would come back to thank me and pay for her next eye examination.  VISION USA is a vital resource to help those in need get back on their feet.”

Jennifer Deakins, O.Deakins, JenniferD. (TX)

Fort Worth, TX — “Our primary mission as eye care providers is to give the American public the highest quality care, even those who don’t have traditional resources.  Most of the patients are just grateful to have access to care, and many of them say they’ve never had such a thorough eye exam before. A lot of times, people who don’t have traditional resources come in thinking they just need glasses, but up to 25 percent of the folks we see through VISION USA have something else going on—either dry eye, hypertension or warning signs for diabetes. It’s important to make sure that, within your community, you’ve been a positive influence as far as eye care and health care.”

MicDrHollandhael Holland, O.D. (NC)

Raleigh, NC — “All health care practitioners get into the profession to be able to give back to the community, because you enjoy what you do and want to help take care of people and make a difference.  I would encourage all doctors of optometry to participate.

Dr. Jeffrey Long

Jeff M. Long, O.D. (OK)

Tulsa, OK —”My two sons and I have been involved in numerous Mission trips around the world.  However, one of our concerns has been to be conscious of our neighbors in need right here in our own community.  We developed the SPECS (Servant’s Providing Eye Care Services) Program in 2012 and have since added the VISION USA Program as a way to give back to the community that has blessed us.  I am proud to be involved with VISION USA and would encourage everyone to participate.”

Dana Cocké, O.D. (WA)

Cocke, Dr. Dana 1 - USE THIS ONETacoma, WA — “I first became interested in becoming a VISION USA provider in 1998 after noticing that many of the patients that I was seeing in my practice that were low income complained about not having insurance or not being able to afford eyeglasses. Once I started examining VISION USA patients as a provider I quickly noticed that some of the patients had undetected ocular disease or uncorrected refractive error that affected their quality of lives prior to receiving the VISION USA eye examination.  The benefit of VISION USA is that the project addresses the health disparities that exist when patients have no access to eye care services because of financial reasons.  Even in my state which is a Medicaid expansion state under the Affordable Health Care Act, the project still allows for patients that may still have no insurance and are of low or no income to receive eye care services.”

 James (Max) Ernst, O.D. 

Ernst, Dr. James 1 - USE THIS ONE“Ms. J.H., a 57 year old lady was initially seen in my office in November 2013. She had not been seen by an eye doctor in over 40 years. Her last exam was as a teenager. She had lost her job in 2010 and had not been able to find full time work since. She was working as a part time cook in a fast food restaurant close to her home because she could no longer see well enough to drive. Her primary reason for getting an examination was blurred vision at all distances. The OTC readers she had been relying on were no longer working. Her vision was less than 20/400. Her best corrected vision was 20/200 due to significant cataract formation in each eye.  Otherwise her eyes were healthy. We were able to arrange for her to have cataract surgery with a local ophthalmologist at no cost. After the cataract procedures, we provided her with a pair of bifocals through VISION USA that gave her 20/20 distance and near vision. This is not an abnormal case. There isn’t any great clinical story. It’s just routine care for a lady who without VISION USA might not have had the chance to see better when she needed it the most.  When we were finished she thanked me and said she was able to drive again. For her it was that freedom to get out and find a better job.”


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