OHS Advisory Committee Charter



Founded in 1969, the Optometric Historical Society’s purpose is to protect and promote the historical legacy of the profession of optometry.


The Society’s mission is to:

  • encourage the collection, preservation and exhibition of materials relating to the history of optometry;
  • assist in securing and documenting the recollections of those who have participated in the development of optometry;
  • encourage and assist in the care of archives of optometric interest,
  • identify and mark sites, landmarks, monuments, and structures of significance in optometric development; and
  • honor and recognize persons, groups, and agencies making notable contributions toward the goals of this society.


The Optometric Historical Society is a component of Heritage Services, Optometry Cares–The AOA Foundation. The Society works in cooperation with The Archives & Museum of Optometry (AMO) to fulfill its mission through participation in the following activities:

  • Facilitate the acquisition of museum objects and archival material by the AMO through donation, transfer or purchase by performing outreach to colleagues, private collectors, and institutions;
  • Participate in the Appraisal Subcommittee to assist AMO staff in determining value of materials considered for acquisition;
  • Consult with AMO volunteers and staff in the identification and interpretation of museum objects for the purpose of documenting, cataloging, research, and exhibit
  • Contribute original research to the quarterly journal Hindsight: Journal of Optometry History and to the broader literature through the publication of articles, essays, books, and other educational material and scholarship;
  • Participate in or nominate participants for the oral history project jointly administered by the OHS and the AMO;
  • Conduct outreach and education by attending and contributing to the annual business meeting and to other events promoted by the Society;
  • Nominate historic landmarks, sites, monuments and structures for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places and the National Trust;
  • Initiate and participate in fund-raising for Heritage Services activities;
  • Establish awards or other recognition for individuals and groups contributing to the optometry’s history.


Membership in the Society shall be open to any person interested in the purpose of the Society. Individuals applying for membership in the name of an agency, organization, or institution will be listed as a personal designee of the paying entity and shall be identified as a member of the society.


Membership in this society shall require a tax-deductible donation determined each calendar year. Donation levels are subject to change as the costs of maintaining the Society’s activities increase. Donations intended for membership in the Society will be deposited in the Optometric Historical Society’s cost center. Additional donations beyond minimum sponsorship level made to Heritage Services will be used to fund OHS activities and events and the activities of the AMO.

All paid members have full membership voting privileges in the election of members of the Advisory Committee and on such issues and items of business as shall be submitted to them by the Committee or by petition of at least five Members. If a member does not renew his/her membership within the renewal period, membership shall be canceled automatically.



Under the direction of the Board of Optometry Cares—The AOA Foundation, the OHS Advisory Committee advocates for, guides and evaluates the Society’s activities and gathers input from/serves as a liaison with membership. Further, the Committee may provide expertise, operate as a sounding board, and assist Heritage Services staff in determining important activities and joint projects. The Advisory Committee supports the mission of the Society by articulating its goals to membership and promoting effective planning, strengthening and monitoring of the Society’s adherence to its purpose. The Advisory Committee also regularly reviews membership levels and devises fund-raising activities to ensure adequate financial resources enhance public standing.


 The Advisory Committee shall consist of nine elected members, each serving a four-year term, and a liaison appointed by the Board of Optometry Cares—The AOA Foundation. The number of Committee members elected each year shall be the number necessary to replace those whose four-year terms are due to expire as defined at their respective time or times of election. Membership on the Committee shall be terminated automatically with a failure to renew membership within the renewal period. Vacancies of unexpired terms shall be filled by the election of a replacement by a majority of the remaining members of the Committee.


Election to the Committee shall be held in early November of each year and the ballots counted in early December. Election to membership on the Advisory Committee shall be preceded by:

  • the nomination of each candidate by at least three members in good standing;
  • a written expression of the willingness of the candidate to have his or her name placed on the ballot; and
  • A biographical paragraph submitted by the candidate and a brief statement addressing how the candidate hopes to contribute to the Committee.

The President of the Committee will notify the membership of any withdrawn candidates via email. If a candidate withdraws from the election, causing the number of qualified candidates to be less than the number required, the Committee may at its discretion appoint the necessary number of Candidates for the requirement to be met.

The Committee will distribute a slate of candidates to the membership by electronic or regular mail. Elections will be decided by a plurality-at-large system in which each member will have the same number of votes as there are seats to be filled. Candidates receiving a plurality of the votes will be successful in their election to open seats. If multiple candidates receive the same number of votes for the final available open seat, those candidate names will be placed in a random drawing for the open seat.

A voting log is created electronically or by hand and reviewed by the President. The Committee verifies the election was upheld and the Board of Optometry Cares—The AOA Foundation confirms the election. The President of the Society announces the results to the membership by electronic or regular mail within 10 calendar days of the close of the election.

The Committee shall then elect from among themselves a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer following the same procedures. Announcement of officers will be made by January 30 of the year following the election.


The Committee shall adopt regulatory procedures suitable for the conduct of its business.


The purpose of the Subcommittee is to assist in determining disposition of materials considered for inclusion in the collections of the AMO. The Subcommittee may act in an advisory capacity to review proposed deaccessions from the Archives & Museum. The Subcommittee may also review proposed accessions, although this is not mandatory and is left ultimately to the discretion of the Heritage Services Specialist, the Board of Directors of Optometry Cares—The AOA Foundation, and the Executive Director of The Foundation. The size and appointment of members to the Subcommittee shall be at the discretion of the Committee members and the Heritage Services Specialist. Appointment to the subcommittee is not necessarily predicated on membership in the Society.


The annual business meeting of the Society shall be held in conjunction with the American Optometric Association’s Optometry’s Meeting®


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