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Ryan Powell, O.D. (MO)

Powell, Dr. Ryan 8 - Use this one

InfantSEE and Children’s Vision, Past Committee Member
and Provider since 2005

“I became an InfantSEE provider in 2005.  I now speak to a moms group twice a year about InfantSEE, I’ve gotten on the local news and even on some TV shows and radio shows letting people know about InfantSEE.  I now have a Pediatrician group, Parents as Teachers, and many families that know our practice as the place for a lifetime of eyecare. Many of the moms and dads have even become our patients as a result.”

Kerry Beebe, O.D. (MN)

Kerry Beebe
Board Member, Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation
InfantSEE, Provider since 2005
Minnesota Optometric Association

 “Bring us the Babies!” says Dr. Kerry Beebe.  Without having seen a baby in his office in 29 years, he was introduced to InfantSEEread more


Shannon Franklin, O.D. (VA)

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InfantSEE and Children’s Vision Committee Member and Provider
Past President, Virginia Optometric Association

InfantSEE has had such a positive impact on my patients, community, and practice. What an excellent opportunity to educate the public about the importance of eye care not only for infants but for the whole family. By stressing eye care starting in infancy, we are able to foster a lifetime of eye care for all involved. The assumption is that “If an infant needs an eye exam, I do too.” Education is the key to healthy eyes, and InfantSEE is the perfect tool to accomplish this.

Jennie Smith Zolman, O.D. (SC)

Zolman, Dr. Jennifer 1 - Use this oneInfantSEE and Children’s Vision Committee Member and Provider
President-Elect, South Carolina Optometric Association

“InfantSEE is hands down one of the best patient education tools in optometry today.  I became an InfantSEE provider right out of optometry school and really used it as a tool to educate my community and bring new patients into the practice that I had joined. I promoted using the materials provided by AOA to my local pediatricians, mom groups, our current patient base and hospitals. It is amazing to me that so many parents have no idea that babies and young children need to have their eyes examined. With InfantSEE you have the parents right there in front of you and it is the perfect opportunity to educate them about the importance of comprehensive eye exams for their children every year.  InfantSEE is good for our communities, good for our patients and good for our practices.  I love that some of my first patients I ever saw are now my pre-teens that I see every year…. along with the other members of their families!” 

Ida Chung, O.D. (CA)

InfantSEE and Children’s Vision Committee Member
and Provider since 2005Chung, Dr. Ida 2 - Use this one
Past Vice-President, New York State Optometric Association

The InfantSEE program makes all of us better doctors.  Why?

  • Because InfantSEE is about educating the public on the role of the Optometrist in the eye and vision care for our children.
  • Because InfantSEE is about ensuring the optimal conditions for children’s visual development.  
  • Because InfantSEE is about bringing together Optometrists in serving our young children. 
  • Because InfantSEE is about saving lives. 
  • Because InfantSEE is about Optometrists providing better eye care to our children.  

I’ve been an InfantSEE provider since the program’s inception, assisted in the integration of InfantSEE care into the educational programs at optometry schools for faculty and students, and have seen first-hand the value this program brings to the communities that I serve, and towards the education of our future doctors.  


Glen (Bubba) Steele, O.D. (TN)

InfantSEE and Children’s Vision Committee ChairSteele; Dr. Glen 4 - Use this one
and Provider since 2005

I have been on the InfantSEE and Children’s Vision Committee since its inception.  I have seen the number of babies having full well child assessments by eye care providers grow significantly in just ten years.  In 2005, there were few infants assessed by optometry and ophthalmology and those were on referral only.  Now over 115,000 infant assessments have been reported by optometrists alone.

 When seen on a well-child basis by optometrists, the number of babies showing a cause for concern is at the 9% level whereas reliance on limited screenings identifies only 2-3% of the babies needing intervention or follow-up. The full assessment approach gets the babies to care much earlier in life.  Earlier care is more cost effective and creates an environment conducive to appropriate development.

 For the health and quality of life of our nation’s children, I encourage all optometrists to be involved in providing eye and vision assessments for children of all ages with the goal of earliest identification and earliest intervention.  Specifically, I would encourage every optometrist to become an InfantSEE provider in order to ensure all babies are assessed at the earliest possible time in their life.


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