Best Practices – InfantSEE

Best practices for InfantSEE promotion in the office and community

  • Word of mouth is the best way to promote InfantSEE.
  • Tell each patient about InfantSEE. Even patients who are outside the obvious InfantSEE target audience (expectant moms, grandparents, etc. You never know which patients may have infants in their families, neighborhoods, etc.
  • Wear InfantSEE bracelets, shirts, etc.
  • Place a rocking chair in your waiting room with a sign on or near it that reads “Reserved for InfantSEE patients.” This is known to really increase the curiosity and visibility of the program within practices that use the chairs.
  • Send a post-assessment letter to each infant’s pediatrician. This can open the door to cultivating a professional relationship as well as encourage referrals for other infants.
  • Hang a poster in each exam room.
  • Include the Windows to the World in-office DVD to your loop.
  • Host Lunch and Learns with area pediatricians, occupational therapists, early intervention professionals. They are great referral sources.


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