List of Inductees

Persons whose lifetime achievements have advanced the profession of optometry, and who have been inducted into the National Optometry Hall of Fame are listed here.

The 2017 inductees will be honored at a ceremony and reception as part of Optometry’s Meeting® in Washington DC, June 21-25, 2017.

2017 – Paul Berman, John Casto, James D. Sandefur

2016 – Joseph M. Babcock, Sr., Louis CataniaRichmond Lewis Scott

2015 – Paul Ajamian, Kenji Hamada, Earl L. Smith, III

2014 – Arol R. Augsburger, Ron Fair, Karla Zadnik

2013 – John F. Amos

2012 – Kevin Alexander, James A. Boucher, William “Billy” Cochran, Frank Fontana, Thomas L. Lewis

2011 – William R. Baldwin, Lester Caplan, Gerald E. Lowther

2010 – James R. Gregg, Alfred A. Rosenbloom

2009 – Edwin Marshall, Charles Mullen

2008 – (Transition Year-No inductees)

2007 – Neil J. Bailey, Donald Korb

2006 – John Costabile, Anthony Cullen, Merton Flom, Gideon Lang, John D. Robinson, Jack Runninger, Damien Smith

2005 – Richard Hill, Norman Wallis, Bernard Grolman, William Policoff, Morton Sarver

2004 – Anthony Adams, Jimmy Bartlett, Irving Bennett, Frank Brazelton, Joan Exford, Melvin Wolfberg

2003 – H.Ward Ewalt, Irving Fatt, Richard L. Hopping, George W. Mertz, Harold A. Solan

2002 – Admiral W. David Sullins, Jr., Melvin D. Shipp, Brien A. Holden, Lawrence J. DeLucas, Lois Bing

2001 – Carel Koch, Monroe Hirsch, Milton Eger , A.J. Cross, John Howlette, C. Clayton Powell, Robert Mandell

2000 – A.M. Skeffington, Henry B. Peters, Albert Fitch, William Feinbloom, William C. Ezell, A.Norman Haffner

1999 – Charles Sheard, Charles F. Prentice, Meredith W. Morgan, Henry W. Hofstetter

1998 – Irving Borish, Glenn Fry


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