2014 Texas Materials Pilot Program for VISION USA Patients

The Texas Optometric Association (TOA) and the Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) are partnering with VISION USA, a program of Optometry Cares® – The AOA Foundation, to pilot a materials program in Texas beginning 2Q2014.Partnership logoThe pilot program will enhance the current VISION USA program by providing frames and lenses to fill prescriptions for VISION USA patients and reduce the costs associated with providing eyeglasses to those less fortunate.

With the assignment of your next VISION USA patient, you will receive instructions on how to order the frames and lenses using Essilor’s VisionWeb online system.  Below are instructions on what to do if your VUSA patient needs glasses.


What if the patient needs glasses?

  • Basic eyewear is to be provided through the VISION USA program.
  • Upon assignment of a patient, each provider’s office may request a frames fitting kit (donated by Essilor Vision Foundation) for VISION USA patient selection and fitting purposes.  Send an email to visionusa@aoa.org with the subject line “Texas Frame Kit” along with your mailing address and phone number.  Within 7-10 business days you will receive the frame kit in the mail.  You may continue to use your overstock or discontinued frames.
  • Lenses will be donated by the Essilor Vision Foundation and fulfilled by Omega Optical in Dallas.
  • VisionWeb will be used to order the lenses and/or frames:  Log in to www.visionweb.com.  The username is the doctor’s AOA Member ID# with a “VU” added to the beginning and password “vision”.

Sample Username: VU117001 (VU+6 digit AOA Member ID Number)
Password: vision (all lower case)

  • VisionWeb will provide only those options available for a VUSA patient.  Once submitted, glasses will be made and returned to provider’s office for dispensing.  The order will be billed directly to the EVF.  (AOA Member ID# is located in the type right-hand corner of each patient assignment letter.  If unable to locate, contact VISION USA at visionusa@aoa.org or 314-983-4261.)
  • If you use office stock frames, send frame with pink and gold copy of VISION USA Patient Information Form to Omega Optical, 13515 N. Stemmons Dallas, TX 75234 – (800) 366-6342.  You will still need to log into www.visionweb.com. Select Job Type “Frame to Come.”   Once submitted and frames are received, glasses will be made and returned to provider’s office for dispensing.
  • If you do not currently have a VisionWeb account, please email Quyen Moreland at the Essilor Vision Foundation, qm@essilorvisionfoundation.org.
  • VISION USA applicants are only to receive single vision or bifocal glasses.
  • VISION USA does not permit the purchase of more costly frames and lens upgrades at the patient’s expense.  Patients with sufficient resources to supplement the eyewear that is available through the program should not be eligible for services.
  • Yellow copy of the Patient Information Form is sent to VISION USA, 243 N LINDBERGH BLVD, ST LOUIS, MO 63141 or fax to 314-991-4101 for statistical purposes, and (1) copy is kept for the provider’s files.

What if the patient wants contacts?

  • Contact lenses are not available through VISION USA, nor will a contact lens exam be performed.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

  • Assignment of your VISION USA patient or to order a fitting frames kit, contact VISION USA.
  • Set up a VisionWeb account, contact EVF.
  • Glasses order status or issue, contact Omega Optical.
  • State program, contact a Texas VISION USA Coordinator.


Contact Information

VISION USA Sandi Gregson, 243 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St Louis, MO 63141, Phone: (314) 983-4261, Fax:  (314) 991-4101 visionusa@aoa.org

Essilor Vision Foundation – Quyen Moreland, (214) 496-4547, qm@essilorvisionfoundation.org

Omega Optical, 13515 N. Stemmons, Dallas, TX 75234, Phone:  (800) 366-6342


Texas VISION USA Coordinators

Melissa Mueller,  Texas Optometric Association,  1104 West Avenue,  Austin, TX  78701, Phone: (512) 707-2020

Carey Patrick, O.D.,  Vision Source Fairview, 1546 E. Stacy Rd. #100,  Allen, TX 75002, Phone: (214) 383-5400

Dennis Neely, O.D.,  4109 N. Midland Drive,  Midland, TX  78707, Phone: (432) 694-5259, Fax: (432) 694-7694

Partnership logo

This program comes to you through the generous support of the Essilor Vision Foundation in conjunction with Optometry Cares® – The AOA Foundation’s VISION USA program, the Texas Optometric Association and volunteer members of the American Optometric Association®.



Your investment will ensure that The AOA Foundation continues to provide immediate relief to those in need in the wake of natural disasters, vision care to needy Americans, scholarships for optometry students, preservation of optometry’s history and public education about the need for a lifetime of vision care.

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